Building with Shelter

“Master Builder” is an ancient term, the distinction given those builders whose gifts and abilities earned them responsibility for the design, workmanship and realization of unique structures. Today, the process that consolidates authority for all aspects of building your home.

Comments From Our Customers

“We liked the proposition of designer/builder because our house was buildable as designed. We liked having one point of contact for all the decisions.”

Building from your Plans

Many of the Shelter homes and renovations that you see in the portfolio are Shelter designed and built; many are designed by other architects and built by Shelter. Either choice promises you the strength and beauty of the workmanship for which Shelter is known. Shelter promises you the best house your money can buy and promises a trusting, creative, collaborative, satisfying building experience.

From a Charlottesville Architect:

“Shelter Associates was chosen from the submittal of four proposals, not because their fee percentage was lower, but in evaluating the fee along with all other proposal information, they seemed to provide the best overall package for the owner. From the start of their involvement through the completion of the job, Shelter proved themselves over and over again. Having worked with a wide variety of residential and commercial contractors in the past, I am convinced that Shelter is one of the finest.”

From a customer to his Architecture firm, who hired Shelter: “I can’t really see how you could go wrong working with this group.”

“Although I’ve worked with Shelter on other client’s projects, I always thought they would be out of my own price range. I learned differently. I expect a lot and am difficult to please. You definitely get what you pay for when you build with Shelter. There is not one thing I could have wished to improve upon. Somehow Shelter overcame my budget restrictions and made it all look like there had been none.”