Project Management

“Anyone who has built or renovated, or talked to anyone who has, knows that project management—getting the right people and supplies on the job in the right order, and managing the complexity of communication among everyone, is a key to success. Shelter’s project managers—some of the best in the business—make the process work smoothly.”

“… Inevitably Allan already had everything we could find on his punch list. He was so good it became a challenge for us to find something he had not already picked up on… When changes came up, he was always accommodating. He was not afraid to speak up if he thought we were making a mistake, for which we were most grateful. Allan made our experience a pleasure. If we were to build again, we would look for him no matter where we were.”

“I can’t say enough on Keith’s behalf. He is on the job every day as a working foreman. His abilities are across the board – carpentry, electrical, cement, plumbing, you name it. He is also a first-class motivator of his workers. He is the first on the job in the morning and the last one to leave every day. He also is very good at the hundreds of minute decisions that constantly have to be made.”

“Brian, as site supervisor, allowed us to enjoy the building of our dream house without any nightmares.”